Prescription safety glasses

Work with safety!

Can you afford to lose sight? According to the Department Of Occupational Safety and Health, about 2000 American workers are injured each day because of their jobs.

However, you are aware that good eye protection can lower the risk of eye damage. Prescription safety glasses are an example of this.

Prescription safety eyewear is mandatory in workplaces where eye dangers are a concern. Your eyes will be protected from flying debris and other objects that would otherwise puncture standard glasses with these goggles. Prescription glasses are an additional layer of defence against flying debris, sparks, and heat.

What’s the difference between prescription safety glasses and over-the-the-counter versions?

Prescription and non-prescription versions of safety glasses are readily accessible. What is the difference between the two? The term “Plano” lenses refer to non-prescription eyeglasses used by workers who do not have vision issues.

Whereas ordinary eyeglasses aren’t enough to ensure clear vision, safety glasses are worn instead. The worker’s eye doctor will determine or prescribe these lenses based on the latter’s specs.

Wear-over goggles, which may be worn over your usual corrective glasses, are an alternative to prescription safety glasses. But the only drawback is that it’s a little heavy.

Are safe glasses made of?

Prescription glasses come in various styles, but they are always constructed of fundamental material. Let’s check them out.

Aspect Ratio

Each of the four materials used to make safety lenses meets the specifications for eye safety.

There are two lenses available: Glass lenses are scratch-resistant but also highly uncomfortable. As a result, wearing glasses with glass lenses is not recommended due to their propensity to fog and break at minor impact.

There are two polycarbonate lenses: scratch-resistant, lightweight, and superior at resisting fog. In terms of impact durability, it is the preferred choice of many manufacturers.

Optical clarity, scratch resistance, and photochromic capabilities make NXT/Trivex a better choice.

Plutonite: It is a crystal clear form of carbonate that has been refined to a high degree of purity. It also provides 100 per cent UV light protection.

Framing Component

Safety glass must be solid and pleasant, as these are the two most important properties for a window covering.

For the most part, safety frames are made from various shatter-resistant materials, depending on their intended application. Because nylon frames are both lightweight and flexible, they are utilised frequently.

In what ways are Prescription Glasses beneficial to the wearer?

When working in hazardous environments, safety glasses are a must-have. Wearing these glasses provides several benefits, including:

They can be worn in any direction.

The fact that most people can enjoy the benefits of both protective eyewear and glasses in a single frame is extraordinarily intriguing and convenient.

A single pair of eyeglasses rather than two is more cost-effective. You save time because you only have to care for, maintain, and clean one pair.

Anti-Harmful Radiation Protection

Your eyes are protected from hazardous radiations as you work because the filters in safety glasses change with the spectral and intensity of light.

Because the glasses block out specific wavelengths of light, only the safe ones can enter the eye without causing any strain.

This feature is handy for those who spend a lot of time outside.

These multi-purpose glasses could be worn both indoors and out, making them equally useful in either situation. The sun’s UVA and UVB radiation can be blocked by these glasses, which have been specially fortified to do so.

Keep your eyes protected from the dangers of the workplace

When working in construction, metalworking, or any other field, these are designed to protect your eyes.

Prescription safety glasses provide essential protection from small particles, airborne particles, powdered chemicals, and dangerous liquids and gases.

As one of the most prized possessions, your eyes are a must-protected asset. It is your responsibility to ensure that your eyes are protected during the day.

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