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The water that people drink can become a double-edged sword if the consumer is unaware of its quality. Contaminated water usually contains large quantities of clay, silt, sand, chlorine and lead and hence can quickly become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Sensing the changing consciousness of the times, popular brands in the water filtration sector have begun introducing premium-quality water purifiers with excellent water filter service post-purchase. Some of the leading names in the water purification business offer personalised service to customers, which help them earn the trust of their customers. It is known to all that around 62% of an average adult human body is composed of water, and thus water has a direct impact on the functioning of various parts of the body such as brains, bones and muscles. Irrespective of the water source, an efficient water purifier can remove 99.9% of pollutants from water. Investing in a standard quality water purifier is one of the most sustainable and reliable means by which one can guard themselves against diseases such as diarrhoea, cholera and typhoid. Care should be taken to regularly request water filter service to keep the device in good condition. What are the major perks of consuming purified drinking water? Read further to find out.


Staying hydrated is the first step one can take towards maintaining healthy skin. Inappropriate hydration (dehydration) will cause dryness to the skin. Dehydration encourages the production of oil or sebum by the sebaceous glands. Proper hydration will increase the skin’s elasticity, prevent acne, and free the person from capillary problems. Drinking plenty of pure water would also eliminate the dead epidermal cells. As per WHO’s recommendation, an average adult should consume 3 litres of purified water every day. But to stay hydrated, the water one chooses has to be detoxified and free of bacteria. Otherwise, it can invite serious health issues. You can easily find clean bottled water on customwater.com


Other than hydration, water is again an essential component in maintaining a steadiness between the human body and the various processes that it carries out, such as respiration, regeneration, digestion etc. The body functions due to the proper coordination between different organs, and thus a regular supply of water is required to keep the system running. 76% of the muscles are composed of water, and they need water to function efficiently. For all these functions to operate flawlessly, one should only take in purified water.


The presence of excessive chlorine in water causes hair fall. However, scalps can be hydrated by consuming pure water in large quantities. Doctors point out dehydration as the significant source of hair fall in youth. Drinking loads of purified water can regulate blood circulation in the scalp. Better blood circulation means better absorption of nutrients and better hair strength. Drinking pure water also helps battle dandruff and hair thinning.


The water released from a treatment facility has to travel through plenty of rusty pipes replete with slime and similar sticky elements. This will radically worsen the quality of water consumed by the end-users. Contaminants present in water are harmful to all, but pregnant women, infants and those with low immunity are more vulnerable to illnesses. Hence, water filters are now mandatory to better the quality of the water people receives from the treatment facilities. A water purifier typically picks up substances like rust, organic compounds, dirt and microplastics in a typical household. Make sure you purchase the water purifier from a supplier that provides a suitable after purchase water filter service.

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