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Everything you need to know about streetwear

The old styles are back in trend. The streetwear that had been popular in the 1990s has now brought a change to the entire fashion kingdom. Tight and grand work clothing that dominated the industry turned into a small part of the fashion industry. Streetwear makes comfort and trends together. The formula of streetwear for teenagers turns into a myth. Any person, irrespective of gender or age can flaunt it.  Sydney is a very casual city, and people here prioritise comfort dressing and streetwear in Sydney will never go out of fashion.

Streetwear is simply dressing that focuses on comfort. Casual outfits like hoodies, extra-sized tees, athleisure, and more are some popular wear.

How did streetwear gain back its popularity?

  1. Famous brands market them with their other well celebrated attires.
  2. Streetstyle became popular after great celebrities adopted it.
  3. Social media and influencers are one of the bullseyes for streetwear gaining back its popularity. Instagram is the most used application where people share their fashion trends there-by promoting them.
  4. In Sydney, 20 to 44 aged people account for about 38% of the total population. Many brands that want to retain customers in this age group have streetwear in their stores.

Popular types of streetwear

Streetwear in Sydney is from the mix of people’s fashion inhabiting there. Comfort is a priority when it comes to the styling of clothes to footwear. Here are some types of streetwear:

1. Skatewear

As the name suggests, skatewear is the trend for skateboarders. The components of this style include skate sneakers, wide-leg shorts, beanies, baseball hats and flannels.

2. Techwear

It’s an abbreviation for the word technical wear. Techwear has its swag with high-performance fabric, innovative materials and smart tailoring. It is famous for its long-lasting quality.

3. Athleisure

This style combines comfort and athletic wear. This style includes running sneakers, tapered sweatpants, hoodies and other athletic accessories. This style is popular among celebrities.

How to street style like a pro?

Here in Sydney, streetwear can look like casual wear that does not require much of your attention but, it’s a bit tricky to flaunt with street style wear.

1. Sneakers sneakily level up your looks

Choosing the right sneakers can make you show off your fashion in every move. Select such a sneaker that completes your streetwear look. Usually, people opt for sneakers that go with classic views to denim styles. A crackerjack at streetwear is the one who chooses the perfect shoes.

2. Quality of the clothing

Streetwear in Sydney is popular due to the comfort it possesses. A casual look does not always mean cheap clothing. Cheap clothing can be of poor quality. Good quality clothing is all about breathable clothing and comfort that is only possible by using good fabric. The quality of the finishes also plays an enormous role here. The stitching finishes should be perfect for giving the dress an elegant look.

3. Extra size for extra elegance

Extra sized dresses are one of the first thoughts when anybody thinks about streetwear. Pairing up an extra-sized top with a regular bottom or pairing up a usual top with an extra-sized pant adds up to your style. One must be careful with this styling because an oversized can completely spoil your look. It is always best to go with your next size to get a classy look.

4. Brands never fail

Wearing your dress in such a style that the brand logo is exposed adds value to your dressing. Avoiding too many symbols is the best thing to do if you use more than one brand for your look.

5. The colours

It is a myth that streetwear is all about neutral and dull colours. Bright colours have a green signal unless there are too many bright colours in your outfit. It is essential to match the colours well.

6. Justice to the trendy person in you

In the end, it is all about your comfort and satisfaction. Being cautious about what you wear yet looking casual is all you need.

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