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4 Different Types of Face Masks You Can Buy in Australia

You will find that multiple Australian public places have invoked the rule of wearing face masks. However, it can be challenging to decide which one will suit you better.

You can decide the type of mask to buy based on the places you usually visit. If you mostly stay isolated, you can settle for fabric masks. However, people frequenting medical centres will need an FFP or KN95 mask.

You can search “disposable face masks in Australia” and scroll through the top online providers to buy online. If you are unsure which one to purchase, here are 4 kinds of masks to check.

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Fabric Masks

Cloth masks are the most commonly found type in Australia. This is the kind you will find people wearing to their nearest gas station or grocery store. According to scientists, some of the best fabric options for such masks are cotton, chiffon, and natural silk.

Cotton is the preferred option due to its higher thread count and tighter weave. Fabric masks should snugly fit around your chin, nose, and mouth to avoid any gaps whatsoever. You can also find masks with multiple cloth layers stitched together.

Surgical Face Masks

You must have seen the classic, light-blue coloured face masks that doctors regularly wear in Australia. These surgical masks are made from a lightweight, disposable material. Approved by the FDA, they are divided into separate categories based on the degrees of filtration. These types are as follows:

  • Type I – These masks have a Bacteria Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of 95% and help prevent infection spread amongst patients.
  • Type II – With a BFE of 98%, these masks are meant to be used in hospitals and other medical care settings.
  • Type IIR – These masks also have a BFE of 98% but are splash resistant to prevent contamination from sneezes or coughing.

FFP Face Masks

FFP stands for Filtering Face Piece and helps protect against aerosol particles. These masks are incredibly lightweight, convenient to wear, and can be easily lifted away from your face. People in Australia are advised to wear this mask to prevent the spread of COVID 19 or other viral infections.

Different types of FFP masks are:

  • FFP1 Respirator – With 80% filtering efficiency, these masks work well against dust particles and other bacteria.
  • FFP2 Respirator – With 94% filtering efficiency, these masks meet the N95 criteria and are the minimum requirement against COVID-19.
  • FFP3 Respirator – With 99% filtering efficiency, these masks are ideal for places with a high risk of transmission, like hospitals or testing centres.

KN95 Face Masks

These masks are similar to N95 and provide filtering efficiency of 95%. ‘N’ here implies ‘Non-Oil,’ thus ideal for an environment with no oil particles in the air. A mask is marked ‘KN95’ after passing a test depicting less than 8% leakage or airborne particles or droplets.

It is waterproof and provides an easy fit, thus sealing your face thoroughly. To confirm if the mask is genuine, you can check for a ‘CE’ mark on its packaging.

With your phone and wallet, face masks are now a must-have item to carry when stepping out of your home in Australia. However, with multiple kinds available in the market, deciding which one to buy can be complicated!

The 4 types mentioned above are readily available in the Australian markets. If you can’t find one, simply type “disposable face masks in Australia” on your phone and check the online stores.

Based on each mask’s filtering efficiency, you can choose which one will suit your requirements best.

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