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For some students, mathematics can be a real challenge. But, if you learn math from the best in the world it can mitigate the struggle. It will also improve their understanding. Various schools provide students to get creative with math resources by visiting various websites, apps, and online programs. This will solve all problems in front of them. However, choosing the most appropriate, helpful, and enjoyable math tools can be a problem itself. In this article, we shall read about the best math websites that apply to the national curriculum. It is a fact that math is considered a universal language for some students but others won’t be able to grasp it. Visiting the math educational website will boost your confidence. Hence learn math from the best in the world.

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Different Educational Websites

As discussed above, the pros of learning to form online educational websites. In this section, we shall discuss the best math online educational websites. The following points mentioned below analyze the six best math online educational websites.

  1. Khan Academy: It is a completely free online math educational website that provides students with high-quality videos, courses, and exercises. It also has a learning dashboard where children can keep their daily track of progress. The videos, courses, and exercises are designed in a very easy manner. This will help you to easily navigate and utilize the specialized content provided by them. They provide students with practice problems that shall help them to learn faster.
  2.  Math is Fun: As the name suggests, math is fun and aims to make math enjoyable but at the same time understandable. They provide you with various types of math puzzles, games, worksheets, and exercises that help the students to develop new skills. Here, the problems and solutions are explained easily and in simple language. This makes it easier for the students to grasp the concepts.
  3.  MyMaths: MyMaths is an online math teaching platform that is designed for classes 1 to 12. They offer you interactive lessons that shall help you to clear all your doubts. Interactive classes also allow getting immediate feedback from the teachers. This helps the students to recognize their mistakes and work on them. They also provide you with homework, worksheets, and exercises that will help you to build confidence and fluency in math.
  4.  Academics: This is another online math teaching platform. This site is filled with a lot of math games, puzzles, worksheets, and whatnot. They aim to make math both enjoyable and understandable. Games related to the topics like addition, multiplication, subtraction, algebra, and so on. This is the perfect way of applying the knowledge and what they learn at school in a relevant area. There is an option to play multiplayer games which will increase the level of competitiveness in the child.
  5. Cuemath: It is an online math teaching-based platform that is widely used by more than 2 lakhs students and is popular in over 20 countries. It provides students with one-to-one live sessions, math worksheets, games, and puzzles. Hence, if you want to learn math from Cuemath in a fun, interactive, and effective way, you may visit its website. You can visit the website and book a free session now.

While learning math from these websites, we may find a few concepts difficult to understand. Their online classes cover all the aspects of the topic being taught that day. Mentioned below is one such math topic, take a look.

Converting Decimals to Fractions

Before learning the steps to convert decimals to fractions, you must be aware of what a fraction and decimal are. A fraction is nothing but a ratio between two. It is represented by the help of numerators and denominators. A decimal is a type of number that is used to represent the infinite values with more precision. Now, the steps to convert decimals to fractions are given below.

  1.  The first step is to write down the decimal and divide it by 1. For example, decimal / 1.
  2.  Now, multiply both the top and bottom by 10 based on the numbers. For example, if there are two numbers after the decimal point, then multiply them by 100.
  3.  Reduce the fraction if possible.

Well, this was all about the best online education websites and the decimals to fractions. This shows the importance of the best online education websites where students can learn so many things without any kind of hesitation and clear all doubts while sitting at home. Here Cuemath is also the best online education website that will help to carry an opportunity to score full marks.

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