What Does Bump Mean On

What Does Bump Mean On ?

People nowadays use social media to stay in touch with their friends and family. There are many social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Vine, etc. These site allow people to share their life moments with others by uploading pictures or writing a status message on the timeline of each network. Some websites offer a feature where users can “bump” their messages onto other news feeds.

What does bump mean on social media? According to Dictionary.com, it means “to put forward especially from an inferior position”. This is another way for people to say show off on the internet. People post photos of themselves showing how they make it big in school or work environments through their success stories or achievements they have accomplished since the last time someone saw them. It is another way of bragging about themselves and their accomplishments to make it public on social media.

On Facebook, for example, a status message might read: “Wow! I am excited! I just received my promotion at work! Time to bump this up!” In this case, the individual is telling his/her friends that he/she achieved something great in their career and they want everyone to see that they are successful now compared before without saying too much specs about it.

This means they got promoted and his boss found out about it so the individual is posting the news blast on all their social networking sites so others will notice or even ask him/her what happened or how did managed to do such big accomplishment in such a short period of time.

The word “bump” on social media also shows the indifference between two individuals, or this can be used to make another individual jealous of one’s accomplishments.

The word bump can also be used to address the current status of an individual in a specific social community , for example, if one user bumps into another user, it means they are acquaintances with each other or at least friends of friends or someone bumped into you before so they probably saw your profile pictures on their newsfeeds even though they were not mutual friends on Facebook.

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