Candles in Melbourne

Give your house a unique ambience with fragrance

Let’s be honest here, we judge a person’s house before we even step foot inside it just by the way it smells. To make our houses judgement-free, we can use elegant scented candles. These candles help us set an ambience of our liking to our houses. Candles in Melbourne are nothing new; more and more people are using candles in the city. Candles have almost become a norm to follow in many households. The popularity of these candles has come from the fact that they are made locally here in Melbourne.

What is a scented candle?

Scented candles are special candles made with fragrance oils mixed with wax to give a healthy aroma. Many candles made here, specially in Australia, are now boasting an impressive 70 hours of burning time considering the low performance of other imported candles.

Benefits of scented candles

There are many mental health benefits of using scented candles; some of them are:

Calms the mind: Floral and herbal fragrances like peppermint and lavender are proven useful in the treatment of many psychological and physiological disorders. This is aromatherapy.

Improves the mood: Scented candles help reduce stress and calm the mind. This helps in the control of cortisol levels. There are candles specially made to induce mood-enhancing secretions in the brain, like serotonin and dopamine, to create a positive mood. Candles for mood alleviation to treat depression and anxiety are especially popular.

Helps in getting better sleep: Candlelight evenings help set a calm mood for a restful sleep. This is important to maintain natural sleep rhythms.

Apart from the health aspect, scented candles create an ambience around the house, making it a pleasant and comfortable place, creating a restful and fulfilled feeling.

The different types of scented candles

There are a lot of different types of scented candles out there. These are classified based on their scents.

Floral: Scents based on flowers are best used in summers. They freshen up the air and help forget the summer heat. Rose, jasmine, and lavender are some of the famous floral fragrances.

Citrus: These are energising and mood-lifting fragrances. Using them in hallways, kitchens, and living rooms creates a positive atmosphere in the house. Lime, orange and pineapple are some citrus fragrances.

Fruity: Using fruity scents in kitchens helps evoke a sweet and energising feeling when entering the kitchen. Some popular fruity scents are strawberry, apple and peach.

Woody: Woody fragrances create a “great outdoors” feel for open spaces in a house. Scents like pine and cedarwood add character to a house and create a feeling of being grounded and at peace.

Other than these main types of fragrances, there are also earthy, fresh, exotic, spice, and masculine fragrances to explore. All these have their attributes which make them appealing to different people.

Choose the right candle for you

There are many things that you need to consider while buying a candle; some of them are:

The place: Factor in the place you plan to keep the candle while buying the candle because depending on the size of the room, some scents may be too strong for a small space.

The purpose: Decide why you are buying the candle. Is it to set a romantic mood for your bedroom? Or an energetic and creative environment for your office? Choose the right scent for the right place to make it feel just right when you enter every space.

Melbourne and scented candles

As mentioned before, the usage of scented candles in Melbourne’s households is no new thing, but the new locally made candles are making waves in the market as we speak. The demand for these candles has soared when compared to the market from a while ago. Options like free delivery from online vendors and extensive growth in the number of local shops selling them are making them hot merchandise in the local markets.

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