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Tips: Equifax Kount AI 640m Kount Luminatebrienventurebeat

Equifax Acquires Kount – AI-Driven Fraud Prevention and Digital Identity Services

We’ve heard about the Luminate fraud platform. But what exactly is it? Is Equifax complicit in this practice? And should consumers be concerned? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this fraud platform and its implications.

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Luminate fraud platform

Equifax Kount AI 640m Kount Luminatebrienventurebeat is buying Kount, a company that specializes in artificial intelligence-driven fraud prevention and digital identity services, for $640 million. The company plans to integrate its products into its Luminate fraud platform. Kount will remain headquartered in Boise, Idaho, and its employees will join Equifax’s information solutions business unit. The company expects the acquisition to close in the first quarter of 2019.

The Kount acquisition will help Equifax expand its global presence in digital ID and fraud prevention. It will also help the company connect data signals from over 17 billion unique devices across the world. As part of the deal, Equifax will offer Kount solutions for preventing online fraud, improving account creation and login processes, and reducing the amount of credit card fraud.

The new platform will include Kount Data on Demand, which provides sophisticated analytics and actionable customer insights. It will also integrate Kount’s Near Real-Time Chargeback Protection with Equifax’s Luminate fraud platform. The platform will also incorporate Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network, which helps businesses develop personalised customer experiences and new e-commerce channels.

Kount’s Kount Command platform delivers accurate identity trust decisions within milliseconds. It allows companies to automatically approve, decline, or hold a transaction. It integrates with major card brands, enabling users to use their account information safely. The Kount Control suite also prevents malicious logins and detects fraudulent bot activity.

Equifax acquiesces in Kount ai 640m kount luminatebrienventurebeat

Equifax Kount AI 640m Kount Luminatebrienventurebeat is expanding its global footprint with the acquisition of Kount, a company that provides AI-driven fraud prevention and digital identity solutions. The acquisition is part of Equifax’s strategic plan to fight the growing problem of online fraud. With Kount’s innovative technology, Equifax can protect its customers against fraudulent account takeovers in real-time.

Kount AI was established in 2007 and has a unique understanding of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The company’s AI is able to evaluate each identity and determine its reliability. This helps lower fraud and minimize chargebacks.

The acquisition will provide Equifax with advanced analytics and actionable customer insights. It will also provide Near Real-Time Chargeback Protection. These two solutions will be integrated into Equifax’s Luminate fraud platform. Moreover, Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network will enable businesses to create a new, more personalized shopping experience.

The acquisition of Kount, a company that provides AI-driven digital identity and fraud prevention solutions, is a good move for both companies. The deal should boost Equifax’s global presence in fraud prevention and digital identity.

Kount’s patented technology allows the company to link fraud and trust data from 32 billion digital interactions and 17 billion devices. Its proprietary technology enables Kount to personalize customer experiences and reduce digital fraud.

Kount ai 640m kount luminatebrienventurebeat

Equifax Kount AI 640m Kount Luminatebrienventurebeat have teamed up for a new service aimed at preventing cyber attacks and protecting identity data. Kount uses artificial intelligence to analyze the reliability of individual identities. The software has already analyzed more than 32 billion transactions and more than 17 billion devices. Developed with the help of machine learning, Kount will allow Equifax to better address the growing needs of businesses.

The data that Kount provides will help businesses understand how many structures and transactions have been halted. This way, they can take steps to reduce fraud and chargebacks. The company also claims to be incorporating the Kount products into its own fraud platform in the future.

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