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Speaking skills: How to speak on any Topic

Hi everyone, we will discuss how to speak on any topic. Let’s begin have you ever faced this common situation where you don’t know what to say next so you give out information in a confusing manner now what’s the reason behind it, it happens when you don’t mentally plan what you need to say and let me tell you even the best speakers cannot speak fluently if they don’t mentally plan what they want to say but then how to mentally plan while communicating there’s no time you know in writing we get the opportunity to plan and we can rewrite the message but speaking doesn’t work like that.

Follow these Questions

I say you follow the three question approach so whenever you get any topics given to you remember these three questions in your mind and start talking about them on start answering them whenever you’re speaking on a topic what the topic means why it’s important and what are some examples I’m going to use this particular technique on speaking or I’ll be speaking on the topic listening and let me show you, how it works what the topic means listening essentially means so interpreting what the other person is saying why it’s important it’s important to understand people better.

Embody for effective communication without listening it’s very difficult to have a smooth conversation with any one, you can start practising by learning the jam topics ,what are some examples?

One example would be if you’re listening to me and you can interpret what I’m saying correctly then you’re actively listening. More examples could be like my friends they don’t want to listen at all they’re bad listen sot that’s a bad example for listening even though we have two ears and one mouth for some reason people like to talk more and directly like listen next however if we talk about a customer service environment or business environment or a job interview have to listen it’s not just about talking you have to listen actively so that the other person also feels important so did you notice, how I use these three since to talk about this particular topic.

Now, if I did not have these three questions mentally planned then it would be difficult to speak with the right with an organized thought flow so that’s why these questions really help you organize your thoughts lo I’ve even given this example in the fluency section in my book. You know to help you get more fluent and then it’s not just about talking it’s also, about you need to team up you’re the topic that you’re speaking about you need to team it up with the right intonation, energetic and an expressive tone and the correct rate of speech. let’s discuss these in detail what is intonation into nation is the rise and fall of your voice.

While speaking this is exactly what’s going to make you sound human and not like are bot to see an intonation pattern. it goes like this you know that’s how your installation battle looks like when you’re speaking like a human being and not like a robot, now the question is how do you in turn eight very effective speakers usually follow a very simple, your pattern and these are very common techniques that people use to intonate our stress the key word. So, whenever you’re speaking the most important words in a conversation you stress them and that’s why certain words will have more stress than the other ,and that’s going to make you internet better and then you don’t press the weak word.

For example to is though these are not the words that give you the maximum information so you don’t really stress them however do pronounce them do not eat them up and then you drop your pitch at the end of sentences for example if I’m saying my name is Li – I would drop my pitch at the end L say Li – I would not say my name is Li – and just leave it there you know without any pitch variation so all the speakers they drop their pitch whenever we end a sentence.
For example right now I ended up sentence so I dropped my pitch they also drop their effective speakers drop their pitch at the end of open-ended questions – now open-ended questions are that give you more information they usually begin with how why what when where B whenever you ask this question you will always get a longer answer examples. Have to say how far do you think you’ll go or how effectively do you think you’ll be able to speak so I’m dropping my pitch at the end of the open-ended question raise your pitch at the end of closed-ended questions now close any questions or questions that elicit or yes or no answer means you will either get a yes or a no from the listener when you ask this question for example do you like speaking in English you like coffee, so if this I’m raising my pitch at the end I’m asking you like coffee and saying you like coffee or do you want to speaking English.

Points to remember to speak on any topic
So, remember that at the end of clothes any questions you raise your page and at the end of sentences that open-ended questions you drop your pitch and this is going to help you intonate better not as intonation even with choices so effective speakers make sure that they internet and they use these simple rules if I have to give a choice to someone I am going to raise my pitchat the end of the first two choices and I will drop my pitch at the end of the last choice the reason being that when I raise my pitch. You can take help by reading and understand How  should I Introduce Myself in a Jam Session.

At the end of the first two choices I’m trying to tell the listener that there’s more coming and when I drop my pitch at the end of the last choice I’m trying to tell the listeners that no more options so if I have to read this particular question I would say you like tea coffee or milkshake I’m going to say do you like tea that uses more coming coffee there’s more coming and milkshake now.

It ends there’s no more options along with information you need to team it up with the right tone let’s read this in the wrong tone first okay for example someone says I love my book and then you say oh that’s bad news now this is definitely not the right tone for this particular statement right so it’s very important to use the right tone in the right situation if someone thing I lost my book oh that’s Moo’s we do have the right home and obviously when you’re when you’re speaking sort of an audience it’s important to give tone variations make it funny make it energetic make it very professional you can even be serious if they’re discussing something serious, but you have to give a tone variation rate of punch also needs to be taken care of I feel really conscious that, I say that is because I myself at times speak really fast whoever always ask yourself a question are you going to visit train in the next five minutes. if not then speak slowly now in India we have a habit of speaking a little too fast but we should you know.

Final thoughts

Slow down your rate of speed some times when we listen to native speakers of English language we feel like they’re speaking fast but let me tell you they speak pretty slowly you know it will be the sound or fluid that’s why we think,  that they’re speaking fast there commended reading speech is 120 to 150words per minute so what you need to do next is you know pickup of any book read something and try to practice 120 to 150 words per minute do not speak more than that in a minute another technique would be, if you are used to reading that means to the next level pick up any sweet speech topics use the three question technique and count the number of words that you speak in a minute so you realize. If you’re speaking too fast then you will want to slow down if you’re speaking too slow then you’ll want to increase your rate of speech a bit so while you practice this technique, I’m going to go out hunting for more techniques for you guys till then enjoy practicing.

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