Online shopping is gaining a lot of spotlight due to the demands and craze of people. Online shopping helps you purchase stuff online without actually having to go and buy the things at physical stores. Our parents save money by clipping coupons and taking advantage of them, and this way, the family survives due to their financial decision.

Cashback and reward apps are the latest bonus cards that have changed the approach customers shop and save. Apps like ZOOO have helped discover local businesses and earn coupons and gift cards.

Nowadays, clipping coupons is honestly just a mere waste of time. People do not even use those coupons. They do not even keep those coupons. I mean, honestly, we all got to agree that nowadays, the coupons don’t even go to the bins. People just throw it right after they get it.


Technology is known to reinvent things. So, not reinventing the reward programs and suggesting the way to secure the deals is not what technology will be leaving for us.

Saving money becomes fun using cashback and reward apps. Have fun while using the apps, use them to the fullest, get your rewards, and reap the advantages.

 Although how should you know which app is best for you? Which app makes you use your time efficiently and get the best out of those apps?


  1. Some apps will help you gain points because they provide you with certain offers. But this can be availed only for a certain period, and the offers and points have to be activated right before the expiry. In the purchase, you get bonus points, and it is a great way to charge your earnings.
  2. Some apps are such that you just need to add them as an extension onto your browser. Do that, and the app does the rest. Your purchases would be monitored by the app, which then alerts you if an already bought item dropped in price.
  3. Some apps have one big fat benefit called a watchlist. If there is an item you see which you want, you can save it in the watchlist, and apps take care of the rest. You can also wait until you get alerts when the price drops.
  4. Some apps are literally life savers! They make earning money a super simple process because they are fully automatic working. Your most purchases have to be linked to cards, and you can start to spend.
  5. As mentioned, the zooo app reduces the hassle and is 100% free. All you need to do is discover local businesses and earn cashback. It would be best to let the app know who you are and start shopping, use more coupons, redeem gift cards and repeat to earn.
  6. Some apps want to be a part of your life and all the activities that you do online anyway. You can earn gift cards by just simply watching online videos and taking short surveys. This way, even you tend to feel better because you think retailers care about your opinions, and you feel like you are a part of something big. You can literally get bonus features and the ability to earn while using the apps passively.

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