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Why the Cambridge IGCSE can be the best option for Singapore high school students

Singapore houses some of the most well-reputed universities and international schools to cater to international students who come from different countries across the globe. It offers global curricula in schools right from kindergarten to high school to ensure that students get the most advantage out of these international schools which will eventually enable them to pursue higher education in top universities either in Singapore or around the world. Therefore, let’s learn more about one of the best curricula that is offered to Singapore high school students.

Cambridge IGCSE for Singapore High School Students 

What is the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum?

IGCSE stands for International General Cambridge Secondary Education and is a reputed 2 year high school curriculum for 9th and 10 th grade, certified and developed by the University of Cambridge. This robust curriculum keeps pace with the educational developments according to the current times and hence can be a great option and a great foundation for higher grade courses like A Levels or the International Baccalaureate diploma.

What are the languages offered?

The IGCSE offers more than 70 different subjects which are derived from the five main subject groups namely Mathematics, Language (First Language), Science, Humanities, Arts and another  second language which can be a foreign language. The grading system has a grade scale of A* as being the highest and ‘G’ as being the minimum required performance. The available subjects can differ from one country to another or from one international school to another.

Advantages of the Cambridge’s IGCSE curriculum for Singapore high school students

Apart from being  the most popular international qualification for 14 to 16 years old students, the Cambridge IGCSE can also be a  stepping stone to students who wish to pursue their A* or As-levels or the IB diploma. There is also the added advantage where children can choose their subjects of interest and can be further continued in higher grades too.

Singapore  High School Curriculum

Singapore’s education system has evolved during the last few decades and the emphasis now is on  providing a curriculum that doesn’t just limit itself to academics but other crucial areas of development which are equally important to survive in the current generation. A balanced curriculum is developed where extra-curricular activities, co-curricular activities and academics play an equal role in honing key 21st century skills to make the student more well-rounded. And considering that Singapore schools have the best facilities, it can be a great platform for children to gain a holistic learning experience. Top Singapore high schools also hold career counselling sessions and placement drives to help students gain a better perspective of what they want to pursue or how to pursue it.


These were some points to ponder over when you are thinking about which curriculum to choose for a Singapore high school student. Cambridge IGCSE is popular all over the world and is recognised as the best high school curriculum by top universities, therefore it can bring nothing but a lot of advantage to the students future prospects.

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