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Top tips for keeping fit in winter

Many people are afraid to gain weight in the winter due to reduced physical activity. This article provides ways on how not to gain extra weight in the cold season and keep in good shape until the next beach season.

The cold season somehow contributes to weight gain. There are many reasons for this: extra clothes relax, hiding a growing tummy and sides, the absence of the sun lowers your mood, and the snow outside the window encourages you to hide in a blanket and crack sweets with a cup of hot tea.

In order not to fall into the trap and not lose your “summer” figure, below are the tips of nutritionists to help you stay in shape until the summer comes. In addition to the tips that we will describe below, it is also important to be able to relax – this, among other things, affects our metabolism. To give your brain a boost, try playing live casino.

How not to get better in winter:

Eat more orange foods

It is believed that the color orange invigorates and uplifts the mood. Therefore, those who are used to eating stress simply need to have an orange product on their plate. Then you don’t want to cheer up with food. In addition, our diet contains enough low-calorie orange foods: carrots, pumpkins, oranges, tangerines, bell peppers, baked beans, turnips, apricots, mangoes.

Get enough sleep

Scientists have proven that chronic lack of sleep leads to weight gain, and having enough sleep, you can, on the contrary, lose weight. The fact is that when a person does not get enough sleep, the level of hormones that increase appetite increases in his blood. Thus, the body, as it were, compensates for the lack of energy. Learn to cheer yourself up in the morning so that the resulting stress does not contribute to the desire to “seize” it. Also, very often “zhor” attacks in the evening hours, so it’s better to sleep at this time.

Pepper your food

Studies have shown that chili peppers increase metabolism and heart rate by 50% within three hours of eating. In addition, you don’t eat a lot of peppered dishes, respectively, you will get fewer calories.

Make love

If both partners “work”, then 140 calories are burned during sex in 20 minutes. Also, do not forget that love caresses, hugs and kisses stimulate the production of endorphins, which are commonly called “happiness hormones”. Accordingly, you will not have the desire to seek satisfaction in chocolates. And there won’t be time either.

Keep your hands busy

Idleness most often leads to overeating. Most people eat when they are bored and need to kill time. So think of something to do. It could be a part-time job or a favorite hobby. For example, if you knit, your hands will be busy, and the process itself will captivate, and you will get rid of obsessive thoughts about food.

Limit your coffee intake

Oddly enough, excess caffeine stimulates the body to store fat. Therefore, even if you drink black coffee without milk and sugar, do not abuse it. Give preference to weak green or herbal tea, fruit decoction without sugar. It’s much healthier for your body.

Don’t overheat

Do not wrap yourself up and do not heat the housing to the limit. It is better to move more, play outdoor games with children, dance, go in for sports.

First, if you keep warm, you will spend fewer calories on heat generation. And secondly, you will have a desire to move more actively so as not to freeze.

Drink more fluids

Of course, we are talking about a liquid without calories. Artesian water without gas, herbal and fruit teas without sugar, compotes, uzvars. These drinks will enrich the body with vitamins and minerals, remove excess toxins, and “distract” from a snack.

Outwit your snacks

In summer, the appetite is less. The body is under enormous stress due to the heat, and the appetite is reduced in a natural way. In winter, however, things are different. In order to keep warm, you need more heat, as a result of which the appetite increases. If you can’t do without snacks, try to reduce their calorie content. We gave examples of the most useful snacks in one of our articles. Of course, no normal person would refuse a bun for a carrot. But if you “sin” with an apple, it will be much healthier and safer for your figure than a croissant.

Brush your teeth

Sounds weird, but it helps. If you do not neglect the rules of hygiene and brush your teeth regularly, then you should develop a reflex “clean teeth means I ate”. So if you brush your teeth, you can outwit the urge to snack or stress eat.

Lean on the first

Soup will not only help keep you warm in the winter cold, but also help you lose weight. We are talking, of course, about soups and broths cooked without meat. The fact is that there are a lot of toxic decay products in meat broths. Plus, they are high in calories and fat. But vegetable and cereal soups will only benefit, of course, if you respect the serving size.

Pennsylvania State University conducted studies that showed that people who eat soup during lunch get 100 fewer calories per meal than without the first meal, and do not compensate for these calories during the day.

Keep a food diary

Try to write down in it everything that you ate. Many people have heard about this method. But only those who tried it understood the essence of this method. Write down everything down to the smallest detail. Candy, a piece of biscuit and so on. Try to count calories as accurately as possible.

Also, don’t forget to write down the reasons why you eat. For example, hunger, stress, sadness, boredom, worries, desire to warm up (hot chocolate), fatigue, agitation. Compare the reasons for overeating and the foods that you eat not because of hunger. Try to eliminate as much as possible useless snacks without benefit to the body.


Imagine how you will look when you lose weight. Hang your favorite photo in a swimsuit where you really like yourself, or just a photo of a model with a beautiful figure in the places where you are most often during the day. Every time you feel like having a bite to eat out of boredom, look at this picture and imagine yourself as a slender beauty. Realize that every effort brings you closer to your cherished goal – to be slim.

Imagine a piggy bank in which you throw your efforts: you didn’t eat a piece of birthday cake – and mentally threw it into the piggy bank, shook your abs – threw it again, drank green tea instead of a mug of latte – added it again. Better yet, if you buy a real piggy bank, and you will throw small coins there. When the piggy bank is full – you yourself will be surprised at your results!

Walk on your lunch break

Of course, any person will shudder at the terrible thought of leaving a warm office in order to imitate on the street. But you will get a lot of benefits if you decide on such feats.

Firstly, under the influence of sunlight, the production of serotonin, the hormone of good mood, increases, respectively, you will have less reason to be sad and seize it.

Second, by taking a break from work and taking a walk, you reduce the likelihood of overeating. Let’s say you ate chicken breast with salad. We drank green tea and went outside for 15 minutes. You saturate the body with oxygen, which, by the way, burns fat. You will also burn more calories walking than sitting in a warm chair. And you will not have the desire to pick a piece of cake with tea or snatch a couple of sweets from colleagues in order to occupy yourself with something during your vacation.

Do not neglect carbohydrates

There is an opinion that if you reduce the consumption of carbohydrates to a minimum, then you can easily lose weight. This principle is nothing but one of the myths about proper nutrition. If you stop eating carbohydrates, then depression, headache, loss of energy and lethargy are the least of the complications that you will immediately feel.

The fact is that carbohydrates are involved in the production of the very serotonin responsible for a good mood. Also, carbohydrates contribute to the release of insulin, which helps the amino acid tryptophan to penetrate into the brain, where serotonin is produced.

Therefore, you should not exclude carbohydrates from the diet, it is enough to replace simple carbohydrates (sugar, sweets, chips, flour, refined foods) with complex ones (cereals, baked potatoes, bran bread, whole grain bread), and also eat more vegetables.

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