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Top picture framing trends of 2022

The most fun aspect about interior décor is that it allows individuals to be as creative as they want when decking up their spaces. People have the freedom to make sure their homes resonate with their taste and personality.

Interior décor, if done right, can add a great deal of character to the space and instantly lift the overall look and feel. To accentuate the personal touch, you can buy picture frames online and incorporate them into the design.

The exit of the minimalistic concept

Large open spaces were the trending go to look for the last few years. However, come 2022, these will have been replaced by divided rooms.

Divided rooms allow for a more intimate setting and will enable you to restrict areas for specific activities within your living space. This will let you deck up each area with a different theme. Each room can be designed using different shapes, colours, and sizes.

The multiple individual spaces come together to give your house a complete and cohesive theme that works well on the whole.

Floating frames

Floater frames can be described as frames that sandwich photos among two sheets of clear glass or acrylic. They are an excellent fit for the primary focal points of your home.

They provide an overall clean and strong visual impact. You can showcase a wide variety of memories within frames made of various materials to achieve the desired look.

Loud décor style

Most people have moved away from the elegant and minimalistic look. The burst of loud colours and chaos is a concept that is quickly gaining popularity. It is also referred to as incorporating imperfections and creating the perfect symphony with them.

A mix of various design styles, materials, and colours leads to an exuberant, loud, and charismatic home. Frameworks are becoming exceedingly colourful. A blend of different sizes and colour palettes in a single area gives a chaotic look appealing to the eye.

Shadowbox frames

It is an enclosed frame with a glass front. These can be used to display not only images but also items. They provide a sense of depth.

The latest trend involves using shadow box frames to display mementos and other materials that hold personal value. They add volume and make the area come to life. A mix of images and items shown in these frames across the house will provide a sense of synchronous design.

The popularity of handmade products

In recent times people have ditched the traditional frames and are hunting for more high-quality, unique ones. Structures that are functional and, at the same time, add personality serve this purpose.

When you buy picture frames online, keep an eye out for the ones made from wood and have an antique bespoke feel to them.


With the steady decrease in preference for the minimalistic look, you have more space for creative freedom. You can, in fact, really let your imagination run wild in terms of colours, textures, sizes and materials when it comes to decorating your home.

The incorporation of earthy organic tones is the new fade. Frames are a versatile piece of décor that can be moulded in any way to fit into your vision. With the changing trends, feel free to explore the various options available to help you achieve the perfect look rich in character and oozes personality.

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