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Top 5 Online Carrom Games You Can Play To Win Real Money

Carrom ranks as one of the top indoor games among others like LUDO and chess. It is a game purely based on the individual skill and technique of the player. Since the rush in online games during the past decade, players now get the chance to play carrom online.

Covid-19 has put a break to all forms of outdoor gaming. Nevertheless, the world of online gaming has brought a million games right into the palm of players worldwide. The online version of carrom is very similar to the traditional game but has minor tweaks in its mechanics. You can play the game in two modes, professional and freestyle. Once you have downloaded the game, you can play against any random opponent in a 1v1 scenario or multiplayer tournaments.

Once players have put in the entry fee, they are matched at random with another player against whom they have to compete. The player with the white pawn bucks makes the first move.

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The gameplay dictates players to pocket their section of pawn bucks, which is either black or white, along with the queen to win the game.

If you are interested in earning money while playing a carrom game, you should check out these reputed sites that offer the best in the game.

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Playerzpot Carrom

PlayerzPot is a gaming app that offers players an excellent fantasy gaming experience through which they can earn real money. They have a roster of many games available for playing and have lately added carrom to their catalogue.

You can download the game directly from the playerzpot website or by using redirect links for Android and iOS devices. Players can choose to play for free or join a game that allows them to win money. The withdrawal of game winnings is very straightforward, and players can do that simply by using their Paytm wallet.

The site also offers a referral bonus for new players and a sign-up bonus that they can claim on their first login.

MPL Carrom

MPL or Mobile Premier League is one of the best platforms to play carrom and win cash prizes and rewards. Players can participate in matches with other online rivals to earn money by winning tournaments. Players have to visit the gaming website and punch in their phone number to receive a message on their device. In the message, players will receive a download carrom game link that will help them install the app on their device. The app provides the players with over 60 games that MPL offers, from which players can choose the game of carrom and begin matches with friends and family.

The platform is entirely responsible terms of helping out players. It has 24/7 customer support that makes withdrawal of the winning money easy. Players can even earn Rs.50 for each referral of the game. The player matching is very efficient as it arranges matches based on the player’s skill.

The app also has over 60+ games that will hold the player’s interest, like Ludo Win, Speed chess, Fruit Dart, etc.

Winzo Carrom

WinZo ranks among the top-liked gaming platforms in India. The platform has several fantasy games and carrom and offers a visual treat with its simple game mechanics. It is a great site to get connected to players across the globe, and the rewarding factor of the games pulls in a lot of traffic. The minimalist aspect of carrom on WinZo makes it quite popular among players. Players can easily match with rivals of the same level and play in multiplayer tournaments. The website has partnered with Paytm, PhonePe, and other platforms, making it easy for players to download their winning amount.

Ewar Carrom

Ewar is a popular gaming platform that offers players several fantasy games to choose. Among the 25+ games it provides, the website also has a carrom app that players can download. The visuals on the website are very fresh, and they offer the player quite a different experience. Players can face other players and earn money withdrawn with ease. However, players need to be quite cautious and go through the regulations on the website before investing in the game.

Gamezy Carrom

Gamezy is a well-known website where players can challenge other players in carrom matches. Gamers can play against other players and easily earn money as well. The visuals on Gamezy’s carrom are also relatively unique. Players can visit the website and punch in their cellphone numbers to get a direct link for the app. The app has partnered with several online money withdrawal partners and offers easy and smooth transactions of winning money. The website’s terms and conditions are a must-read for players visiting this website.

Summing Up

The above list provides the top platforms for playing carrom online. However, players on the Internet should be extra careful when online transactions are involved and should most definitely go through the rules and regulations of the games. Practice games are a must for all online players to get acquainted with these different apps’ in-game mechanics and matchmaking. Carrom is a competitive game played among two or more popularly four players. Due to the emergence of these apps, people can now connect to several online players globally and enjoy the game anytime and anywhere while earning exclusive cash rewards.

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