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How to Set Up a Good Gourmet Buffet?

If you are planning a large event, business meeting, birthday party, or simply a get-together of friends or family – setting up a gourmet buffet sounds like a good choice.

In Sydney, you can find various buffets where over-indulgence is on the menu with a sophisticated dining experience. You can also find multiple catering services that can help you create your perfect buffet table.

However, if you are someone with a chef’s cap who wants to take matters into their hand, you are at the right place.

Let’s help you figure out how to set up the perfect gourmet buffet.

5 Rules for creating the best buffet of all the time

Do you want to know why a buffet is a common choice for gathering and hangouts, personal or professional?

  • It is a civilised and easy-to-dine option
  • The variety of food is enticing
  • Guests can go back for more food and drinks as their choice
  • It gives rise to opportunities for networking

However, if you have seen a buffet at a hotel – don’t just believe it to be a deceptively simple task. You have to do more than just place a bunch of food items on the table.

A perfect buffet is the product of significant planning and thoughtful choices.

1.    The Menu

First of all, the buffet is mainly about the food you choose to serve. To come up with a menu, consider how easily guests can pick up and portion food on their plates.

Keep it light and satisfying – items that don’t make someone feel too heavy or too empty. Avoid keeping complete meal courses on your menu as it will only be hectic for you.

2.    Limit the Cutlery

People have to juggle a lot in a buffet – drink, food, and conversation with others present.

Don’t make it difficult for them by placing multiple plates, bowls, and flatware.

Limit the cutlery to one plate and one fork so that people can easily go about enjoying food and conversations.

3.    Place Drinks on Separate Table

When creating a gourmet buffet, keep food and drinks on a separate table to avoid serious congestion or spillages.

It is a separate setup because you want to make it easy for people to stop by and refill their glasses without going through the buffet line. It would help if you kept this station near the kitchen as carrying drinks is trickier.

4.    Several Points of Access

Remember, when setting up your buffet, not only one or two people but a herd will pass through. It is best to create several points of access for everyone’s comfortability.

Place napkins at the buffet’s beginning and end and on the drinks table.

Plus, make sure that there are multiple places to dispose of plates. Put out extra cups and plates, so you don’t have to run and find them in the middle of the party.

5.    Place your Food Strategically

A good rule of thumb – place your most plentiful and inexpensive food at the beginning and those which are expensive and few at the end of the buffet table.

People usually fill up their plates from the table’s beginning, leaving less space for the end food.

The Bottom Line

These are a few of the major things you should keep in mind when setting up a buffet table for a decent number of people. These rules will guide you through setting up a table where not only your guests can enjoy, but you are also in peace of mind.

Remember, with proper planning, mouth-watering delicacies, and a perfect setup, you can make your buffet a success story.

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