Magnesium Lotion

How to Incorporate Magnesium Lotion into your Skincare Routine?

Do you have creams or lotions that you use to brighten your skin? How about moisturizer to rejuvenate your skin?

You probably have all different kinds of products that cater to the aesthetic needs of your body, except Magnesium Lotion.

Unlike other drugstore lotions available in the market, Magnesium Lotion promotes good health.

Magnesium is one of the micronutrients our body needs to conduct biological processes such as energy production, protein formation, nervous system regulation, and quality sleep.

With an inadequate amount of magnesium, your health might be affected.

One of the studies conducted in Harvard states that low magnesium can equate to sleep deprivation. Additionally, magnesium is responsible for maintaining the resting state of our body. Without it, it will affect how our body functions.

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How to use Magnesium cream?

Applying magnesium cream to your skincare routine is not complicated. You can start right away without the need for complicated procedures.

  1. Apply a generous amount of cream to your aching body parts such as feet, legs etc.
  2. Massage the lotion to the affected areas for better results.

Simple as that. You have now incorporated magnesium cream into your skincare routine with three easy steps.

It is advisable to use Magnesium cream after taking a bath for better skin absorption.

Benefits of using Magnesium Cream?

Do not be tricked by the easy-to-use nature of magnesium cream. It might be simple to use, but the benefits far exceed the cost and the effort of using it.

The following are the notable benefits of magnesium cream to the body.

  • Protects Metabolism

If you are a gym junkie, magnesium cream is perfect for you.

Magnesium is directly linked to glucose and insulin metabolism. Meaning it helps to maintain how your body manages fats.

Magnesium cream is especially helpful for people who love to exercise because it enables your body to build on muscle.

Additionally, magnesium cream will also help calm body pain after exercising in the gym.

If you plan on losing weight, you might want to consider adding magnesium to your health plan.

Unlike internal dietary products in the market that can harm your health, magnesium cream will be only applied to the body.

When using magnesium cream, you will lose body fat faster and have additional energy to conduct a different workout routine.

  • Help regulate Sleep Cycle

Many of us experience sleep deprivation because of stress and insomnia. Often than not, our lack of sleep affects our moods and how we function.

Maybe one of the reasons you are having a hard time sleeping is because you lack magnesium.

One of the notable health benefits of magnesium cream is that it helps the nervous system regulate your sleep cycle.

Magnesium also guarantees that the GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) receptors in our brain and nervous system function properly. These aid in the brain’s deactivation in preparation for sleep.

Things to remember when using magnesium cream

1.  100% natural ingredient

If you use magnesium cream, make sure that the ingredients are 100% natural for safe usage.

2. Stingless formulation

Some magnesium cream in the market contains chemical additives that are harmful to the skin. Check the formulation of the magnesium product that you will buy.

3. Patch test

Other people might be sensitive about magnesium cream. So, before you use the product, make sure that conduct a patch test before applying the lotion to the rest of your body.

Magnesium may seem like a new concept when it comes to skincare. But with the right formulation and proper research, it might just be your new favourite product.

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