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Here is Your Comprehensive Recap of the Latest Anupama Written Episode

Here is a brief look at an anupama written episode for November 19, 2021. Despite the advancements in the field of technology, these written episodes have always been quite popular among people.

The story of this anupama written episode

Baa is walking down the street feeling guilty for the arguments between her and bapuji. Baa has no idea that Anu is following her. But when Baa is about to fall in a ditch, Anu saves her. When Anu asks Baa whether she fell into that ditch, Baa replies that she has already fallen too low. Then Anu gets Baa to the Park where they both sit together and start talking. During that time, Anu tells Baa(Baa and her Babuji) that both were right in their places. But the way the argument went was horribly wrong.

Anu starts telling that whatever Baa thinks of her but she (Baa) is the main reason behind the condition of Bapuji at this point. And then Anu explains the true nature of Bapuji along with the present situation of Bapuji. Anu explains Bapuji as sweet water but now Baa has contaminated that water. This is the main reason why Anu accuses Baa of creating this whole mess. Though Bapuji will calm down after some time because he cares about Baa very much Bapuji shouldn’t be in this condition if it wasn’t for Baa, says Anu.

After that Anu throws some light on another important situation.

Anu acknowledged the fact that Bapuji is hurt the most by a man who is the most loved one for Baa. This fact has been one of the main reasons behind Bapuji being so sad. So, overall Baa has played a significant role in making Bapuji upset. With all these conversations, you will find that Anu is trying its best to console Baa, that’s all. Since they have been friends from their very childhood, there is no way they are going to miss understanding each other.

On the other hand, when Vanraj sees Kavya, Samar, Kinjal, and Pakhi walking out in a tense mood, he runs out of patience and asks them about what has happened. When it lays enough stress on the question he is asking, they are compelled to answer. And they finally reveal that Bapuji left home. Vanraj is devastated to learn about it and he gets mad at them for not telling him about it earlier. Vanraj has extreme respect for Bapuji and tells them that he will not sip even a drop of water until he gets bapuji back home.

Further story of this anupama written episode

Then they suddenly see that Anu and Baa are back together. Vanraj immediately warns Baa that she shouldn’t enter the home at any cost. He is very angry at Baa for what she has done with Bapuji. Talking of Anu, Vanraj says that Anu is an outsider and he has no complaints against her. And that is why the whole set of blames has turned out against Baa. Everyone is trying to calm down Vanraj because he is completely mad at them. Vanraj is unable to relax even when he hears that Bapuji is with her and he will come back once he is calm and relaxed. In fact, Vanraj tries hard to slam the door in Baa’s face but he is opposed by everyone in the home from doing it.

Final words

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