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Five things to consider before getting louvre roofs

Renovating your home or decorating it with different elements gives it a newness. It is normal to give your space a new look after a couple of years. This not only renews the whole vibe but also motivates you to be more active in life. People try different ways to renovate their houses or add additional architectural highlights. Among the various options of revamping your house, getting a louvre roof is one of the best options. Louvres are also known as blades that are installed in exterior space to provide shade. These are partially open slats that are used as an extension to the existing roof. There are essentially two types of louvres. These are color-bond and aluminum. It would be best if you chose them according to the weather and longevity of the material.

People get louvres to create an outdoor entertainment space as it gives an elegant appeal to your house. It is because the louvres create a perfect balance between shelter and open space. To decide whether you should get louvres for your outdoor space, you must go through the following advantages:

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Louvres are Durable

These roofing systems are durable in any weather conditions as they are made of good quality material. However, you should purchase the louvres from a reputed manufacturer who can provide you with a maintenance warranty. So that in case of any damage or defect you can get them repaired. According to experts, aluminum louvres are more durable than color-bond louvre roofs.

Adding functionality

With time, architects and designers are incorporating technology with architecture. Many designers have started creating louvres with the function of opening and closing. This way, you can choose to open them when you need sunlight and close them when you don’t. This can help you keep your verandah clean, especially during rain and storms. Various other louver options come with features like auto cleaning, awnings, chicking, layering, etc.


Many manufacturers make sure they create louvres that are water-resistant. As these roofing systems are designed specifically for outdoor settings, it is important for the material to resist water during heavy rainfall or storms to avoid damage. This will also help you keep your furniture safe.


Louvre roofs come in different types and added features, but they can be expensive. So you must give thorough research before investing in these roofing systems. Roofings have many automation features, like automatic cleaning, opening, closing, awnings, chicks, etc. Hence, it is important that you finalize a budget and choose the type of roofing you want for your space accordingly.

With the help of these points mentioned above, you can make a decision whether you should invest in louvres or not. It is a big decision and investment to get such massive architectural additions to your space. Hence, such a decision should not be taken in haste. It would be best to research all the types of roofing available in the market, their durability, consult people around you, and get their reviews. It can also be beneficial for you to consult an expert before selecting louvres for your house because an expert has good knowledge about weather conditions, material durability, and design knowledge. They will choose the best louvre for your home to suit your house the best.

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