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Different Ways Social Media Tools and Apps Are Upgrading Education

Is this true, that the students of the current era are tweeting their way to better grades? Teenagers throughout the world have social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and many other social media websites. Social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook, etc. govern the lives of a major population that comprise of Middle and High School students. The negative aspect of social media is always highlighted with issues like cyberbullying, narcissism, etc. but there is always a positive aspect of things too.

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Social media is empowering students of elementary schools all the way to colleges. Social Media is not only providing students means to have a say in global affairs and share information but also had parents and teachers to build a new sense of community. Students use social media to do more than just share tips required to top exams. They’re looking to utilize social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat to share tips and tricks and success stories to pay off their student, search for internship opportunities, collaborate on students who are working on a certain project. All of this requires using a fast and affordable Fixed Wireless Service access and the right application or social media website that can help them during educational years. For now, let’s have a look at some ways, social media tools and apps can help students gain knowledge and study easily: 

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Will Social Media Take Over Our Classrooms?

Keeping in mind the statistical findings discussed above, schools don’t get to teach students about the importance of social media. They are already aware of that. The teen population of today is already exploring and innovating via collaborating and connecting with teens outside the campus via social media. This has paved the way for educators to make on-campus collaboration a norm as well. When we talk about a more practical level, making social media an integral part of day-to-day learning is making sense. This is evident when we take a walk down the hall of schools. The place is always crawling with teenagers using their smartphones for hours on Instagram and Snapchat.

How Is It Possible For Teachers To Reach This Population?

Learning Management Systems that include platforms like Blackboard and Moodle have been making it a medium for online learning. Now, public and private schools are spearheading the initiative to integrate social media into the classroom. This is one of the new ways of imparting knowledge and conducting classes after the COVID outbreak where students were using different apps and social media communication tools to attend lectures, complete group assignments and even attempt tests online. The future classrooms might become Hybrid learning mediums where students living in remote areas will also be able to attend classes in a quality educational environment offered by prestigious educational institutions in the world.

Building Firm School Communities:

The use of social media shouldn’t only be limited to teens and teachers only. Administrators are looking for modern and innovative ways to integrate social media in schools. The parents of today generally turn out to be social media users from their college days. They used to find jobs on LinkedIn or may have setup a Twitter account pertaining to parenting. School administrators and authorities use social media to share news and community building.

Ensuring Maximum Participation in The Class

When you are conducting classes face-to-face in your class, you can ask your students a few questions and they can simply participate and debate based on their understanding of the topic. Using social media platforms and many other educational tools and apps, they can make sure to read and learn from the masters of the trade directly from their computers at home and college. Also, suppose they’re Psychology students, for example. In that case, these tools can be very helpful for them to ask study-related Psychology questions to experts, learn more about their subjects from top tutors and given topics and maintain their interest.

Retain Their Knowledge

Many social media platforms have pages where they share tweets, news and other information about things that happen around the world. For instance, the current attacks on Ukraine and other developments around the world are all shared by news channels on their social media pages. You can also find more insights on YouTube, Reddit, Quora and many other social media websites. You can save and bookmark all this information and make sure that they are able to retain all the information for assignments, tests and even for class discussions and debates.

In the busy world of today where parents and students hardly get time to communicate or interact with each other, schools are utilizing social media platforms to interact with parents directly by using tags and tweets. This helps them communicate with parents in a lot easy manner and get to know them and build better relationships.

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