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Advantages of Grain-Free Dog Food

Pets are an essential part of a man’s life in today’s world. Dogs are the most common pets found in almost 65% of houses. Dog owners take great care of their dogs by regularly feeding them good quality food, providing ample water supply, and a healthy growing environment. The type of food fed to a dog determines its growth and health. Interestingly, grain free dog food is a great way to ensure a dog’s upbringing is healthy.

Be careful of the traditional grain diet.

Many dogs report signs of continuous itching, a stomach infection, rashes, etc., because the acids in the dog’s stomach react with the grains and cause such problems. Hence, switching to grain-free dog food avoids all these problems and is three times healthier. Diabetes, gas, and intestinal problems are common diseases reported by dog owners from time to time. Few dogs are also prone to have serious illnesses like cancer. It is not true that traditional grain food causes all these diseases. But it is right to say that most dogs are prone to such illness due to the acidic reactions of the acids in their stomach with the grains consumed. Hence, it is best advised to evaluate the alternatives and then make a wise choice.

Is it necessary for every dog owner to switch to grain-free dog food?

The answer is no. Every owner does not have to switch to grain-free food. It depends on the gender, age, and environment of a dog. The previous health history and reactions to a new food by the dog are essential in deciding whether a person should change their dog’s diet. If the dog is relatively healthy and has high resistance, one does not need to worry about its feeding habits. On the contrary, if the dog is quite sensitive and falls sick often, it is recommended that one switch from regular food to grain-free food to avoid infections.

Advantages of a grain-free diet

Amylase enzymes are required to break down starch and carbohydrates. If this enzyme is not in sufficient amounts, it becomes difficult for a dog to digest corn, rice, and other grains. Hence, the alternative is grain-free food that comes with different advantages.

i) Chances of fewer allergies- Research shows that most dogs are allergic to gluten. Gluten is found in almost every grain, like wheat, rye, and oats. Intake of such grains can cause a dog severe allergies. To avoid this, grain-free food that does not contain gluten and high amounts of starch must be given. Hence, they are the best alternatives to consider for dogs. Depending upon a dog’s requirements, many types of grain-free foods are available on the market.

ii) Boosts energy levels- Dogs are very active and bound to feel tired after a certain activity level. This is because the muscles contract after running and jumping and need recovery. Doctors said that grain-free food provides much-needed energy and helps relax muscles as they contain sufficient amounts of protein. They also make the dogs two times more active and healthier.

iii) Health benefits- Carbs generally raise blood sugar levels and lead to weight gain in humans. This is the same in the case of dogs as well. Gluten causes inflammation and gastric problems and severely affects a dog’s well-being. This is why it is advisable to provide grain-free food to dogs from the beginning, especially if they have diabetes. Such food also reduces severe chronic illnesses like cancer and intestinal problems.

Since grain-free food offers such health benefits, it is best advised for dog owners to go for it.

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