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5 Top Preschool Franchise in Jaipur

Education is one of the cornerstones of child development, providing them with a foundation they’ll need to become independent adults – making preschools an attractive business venture opportunity.

In the article that follows, we have done an exhaustive research to figure out top 5 preschool franchise in Jaipur

Footprints Preschool and Day Care

Footprints Preschool and Day Care offers an international standard preschool environment. Their Highscope curriculum encourages active participation through hands-on experiences to foster intellectual, emotional, and social development for its young students. Furthermore, play and the arts play an integral part of learning here.

Footprints’ learning spaces are carefully constructed with safety in mind. One of the first daycares, preschools, and afterschool cares to offer real-time CCTV access for parents as well as following a strict hygiene policy and having dedicated safety infrastructure. They also promote a healthy lifestyle for their students by adopting a “zero junk food policy.”

Footprints employs highly qualified teachers with expertise in early childhood education who understand each child’s individual needs and requirements. Furthermore, the student-teacher ratio at Footprints remains low so that each child receives individual care and attention.

Footprints franchise model provides an ideal opportunity for ambitious edupreneurs looking to make an impactful difference in children and families’ lives. It boasts an attractive 33%+ IRR with buyback guarantees as well as support in identifying and setting up locations quickly and efficiently – helping franchise partners get up and running quickly!

Footprints’ local marketing and branding initiatives help drive sales. Furthermore, Footprints provides property identification and set-up assistance.

No wonder why this is on top of our list.


Eurokids preschool, located in the heart of the city, provides your child with an enriching educational experience. Their facilities boast well-developed infrastructure that promotes safety in an inclusive and nurturing environment – encouraging independent and confident learners. All teachers are highly qualified professionals with low student-to-teacher ratio.

EuroKids International is one of the most acclaimed educational brands, serving 350+ cities in three countries and raising the bar in education with their innovative curriculum, EUNOIA. EUNOIA helps children develop mindfulness practices such as attention, resilience and kindness while encouraging safe use of technology in a balanced way.

Additionally, it has an outstanding track record in encouraging female entrepreneurship. Partnered with State Bank of India and offering collateral-free loans to budding entrepreneurs looking to start their own franchise business easily and quickly – this partnership has led to over 1,000 women entrepreneurs finding long-term sustainable jobs with this brand!

EuroKids preschool’s curriculum encompasses music and movement, dramatic play, sensory play, art and craft projects and storytelling. EuroKids Care app allows parents to keep tabs on their child’s activities such as pictures of singing sessions instantly as well as payment records and receipts. Furthermore, parents learn the fundamental skills essential for development such as following routines and social skills development – important components in any child’s success! Furthermore, it encourages independence through teaching how to make independent decisions for themselves as well as interactions with teachers and parents – essential aspects in any child’s development! In addition to all this, EuroKids Care allows parents access instantly to access pictures/audio of singing sessions, announcements regarding payments/receipts via accessing an app which gives parents instantaneous access.

Kangaroo Kids

Kangaroo Kids Early Learning Academy in North Branch, NJ, is a top provider of early childhood education. Their school offers infant, toddler, preschool and prekindergarten programs as well as before and after-school care services and summer camp. Each program’s curriculum is carefully tailored to meet the diverse needs of children with research-based teaching methods used as well as Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences and Bloom’s Taxonomy to foster higher order thinking skills.

The school adopts an holistic approach rooted in the belief that children thrive best when provided an emotionally safe environment. They employ innovative learning techniques like student-centred learning, interdisciplinary and theme-based teaching and research-backed assessment strategies as means of helping their pupils flourish academically and personally. Furthermore, they offer various educational activities designed to develop confident learners.

Kangaroo Kids stands out in its community with its high quality, child-centric education and strong reputation. A member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, it has garnered numerous accolades over time – most recently being named #1 by National Association of Child Care Professionals; additionally it’s accredited by both NJ Dept of Early Learning and National Accreditation Commission.

iCan Learning System is an innovative learning methodology designed to develop in children future skills and habits of mind that will prepare them to become problem solvers, innovators, and leaders of tomorrow. They believe that what children learn in their formative years has an immense long-term effect on how they view education; Kangaroo Kids believes their iCan Learning System provides children with just enough stimulation, cultivation and support in order to develop these essential lifelong abilities.

Hello Kids

Hello Kids Preschool Franchise provides comprehensive learning programs for children aged 1-2 1/2 to 5-and-a-half. Their comprehensive curriculum features montessori, playway and gurukul methods – these methods facilitate enjoyable and effective education while creating a safe learning environment for each child.

Jhotwara School in Jaipur is situated in a bustling neighborhood and equipped with cutting-edge technology and skilled teachers to ensure your child receives optimal care. Furthermore, this preschool serves a healthy lunch every day which is especially crucial for young children – studies have found that those attending top-rated preschools exhibit superior pre-reading skills and richer vocabularies than those not participating.

Hello Kids is an ideal daycare solution, whether for full or part-time care of your child. Their teachers are committed to developing a sense of community and cultural understanding, using an inclusive curriculum which respects and celebrates diversity while encouraging their students to express themselves freely.

Hello Kids franchise schools follow Montessori and NCERT curriculum, widely acknowledged as providing superior preprimary education. In addition, CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and IB boards curriculum for preschoolers is offered. Furthermore, Hello Kids schools also provide an extensive array of activities and programs designed to keep young minds active and stimulated.

Hello Kids has been in business for two decades and offers high-quality educational experiences for young children. Over this time, they have received many accolades and awards for their contributions to the community, while the franchise does not charge royalty fees and provides employees with comprehensive training programs. Involvement with local charities ensures Hello Kids gives back.

Petals Preschool

Petals Preschool is an outstanding educational establishment that provides high-quality care and education to its young clients. The school’s teachers and staff focus on nurturing children’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical development while encouraging independence through creativity in problem solving. Their curriculum follows the Early Years Foundation Stage framework as set by law – something all schools must comply with.

The company stands out with its comprehensive learning approach and philosophy that respects children’s individual personalities and capacities, creating a warm, safe environment that feels like home for kids. Curriculum includes outdoor learning journeys, hands-on experiments and discovery time sessions, multi-media learning modules, purposeful play programs and enrichment programs for enrichment purposes.

They provide free dance theatre art activities and parent counseling for children aged 2-6 years. Their curriculum, developed by experienced educators, encompasses music, visual arts, dramatic play, science and language instruction – their goal being to bring out each child’s full potential while believing children learn best by interacting with the world around them.

Also available are cutting-edge tech-enabled classrooms equipped with live CCTV feed and themed and unique rooms that feature computer projector aided teaching, air conditioning, indoor sports complex, library with extensive resources, routine medical observation as well as assorted color balls – among many other amenities on campus.

Preeti Kwatra, its Chairperson and child psychologist founder believes in providing all children with an optimal environment, believing they have incredible capabilities that should be realized. Her vision for the school is to make it a world-class facility providing quality education and services to children from every corner of India – giving every kid access to an outstanding education.

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