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4 Things To Keep In Mind When Using Vape Batteries

Previously, new vapers might attempt automatic batteries as their first choice of e-cigarette. However, the performance is typically more fantastic with manual settings, even if most cigarette-like vaping batteries operate automatically. On the other hand, a manual battery requires you to press a button to turn it on. While it may appear less handy at first, you rapidly grow used to it, giving you more control over your draw. Some modern technologies provide both automatic and manual operation. If you are new to vaping and the world of vape batteries, you can figure out which one works best for you. Listed below are some critical pointers you must remember for a smooth experience with the batteries:

Storage: If keeping your battery for an extended amount of time, keep it in a cool, dark area. Ensure the battery has at least a 30% charge if you want to keep it for a long time. This permits some discharge while ensuring there is still enough power to maintain the operation of the protective circuit. Some websites advise charging batteries entirely before storage.

Use A Dedicated Case: Put your battery in a case to safeguard it from damage. Batteries are prone to be dropped and gather dust and fur in pockets. Carry your battery in a vape case for the most significant possible protection. On websites, you may find samples of carrying cases for manual batteries. Keep separate batteries for your mod in a plastic case if you’re carrying one, so it won’t touch anything metallic in your pocket and create a short.

Refrain From Mixing Batteries: Use only the charger included with the battery or make it, especially for that battery to charge. Despite having a similar appearance, chargers’ voltage outputs might vary. You risk creating issues if you use a charger from one provider to charge a battery from another. The most crucial factor to consider is the charger’s voltage output if you don’t have the original charger that came with the battery. It needs to be the same voltage as the battery you are charging’s input. Since the attached item only requires the current amount, the current should also match. However, having a charger with a higher amp rating than necessary isn’t a problem.

Avoid Overcharging: Fortunately, explosions are pretty uncommon because of contemporary engineering. But issues can still arise with a hot battery. This can be brought on by a flaw, such as a short circuit, poor insulation between the battery’s cells, or inappropriate handling. Current can flow through the battery if there is a short circuit there. As a result, the insulation is damaged and produces heat, aggravating the situation. The disintegration of the battery can’t be prevented once it reaches a particular temperature; at that point, the battery might enter “thermal runaway” and either explode or release hot gas. Therefore, it is strictly essential to avoid overcharging batteries. So avoid charging your battery at night or while you are away from home. Instead, charge your battery safely on a surface that won’t catch fire. If your battery is manual, turn it off before charging.

Apart from the pointers mentioned above, pay heed to the maintenance of vape batteries. Just crumple up some tissue paper and wipe the terminals. Then, use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean the terminal for the best results. Before usage, give the battery a moment to dry out.

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